About me

I started sport diving in 1996. From the year 2000 I became a passionate in technical diving. For IANTD Central Europe I introduced and promoted Nitrox and Trimix mix gases into the technical diving community in Central Europe.

In this context I started diving with eCCR’s. In 2001 I was one of the first eCCR divers in Central Europe. I am a Trimix certified diver on many CCRs like CIS-Lunar MK-5P, Megalodon, Inspo/Evo, MK15.5, Ouroboros, rEvo, HH, XCCR, SM Flex and others. In 2002 I became an IANTD Advanced EANx Instructor and CCR Inspiration Instructor Supervisor.

Currently I am providing the rebreather training and educational program up to Trimix level on many rebreathers under the flag of IANTD Central Europe and ASTD. I am living in Prague (Czech Republic) and can provide rebreather training in English and Czech throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Since 2005 I am running rebreather facility and shop Adventure Planet located in Prague.

Thanks for looking and dive safe!

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